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Join the team as they crawl through their trails in Moab, Utah
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Join the team as they crawl through their trails in Wales
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Welcome to the new Axial Adventure Website!
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Axial® RC blog

The Axial® RC blog is frequently updated with new articles and photos. The blog keeps you on top of the latest Axial radio control product and event news and provides tips on keeping your Axial RC rigs in top shape for trail adventures.

The Axial team wants to make it as easy as possible for you to keep your radio control vehicle off of the workbench and out on the trails. The articles in our Axial RC blog offer lots of advice for effective do-it-yourself Axial RC rig maintenance and repair. Your Axial radio control vehicle will continue delivering outstanding performance long into the future if given the proper maintenance. And as your experience grows, your Axial RC vehicle can grow right along with it, becoming more powerful, more durable, and more capable on the trails with well-chosen upgrade parts. Use the information you’ll learn from the Axial RC blog to support your RC rig like an expert

The product development team at the Axial brand is always busy creating exciting new products that help you enjoy new RC adventures. One way for you to find out what they’ve come up with most recently is to check out the Axial RC blog and see what’s new.

You can read about the trail adventures of other Axial RC rig owners on the blog, learning about new places where you might want to make an RC expedition of your own. We cover Axialfest Badlands, Axialfest West, and other major events on the Axial RC blog as well. Even if you can’t join us in person, you can still experience some of the fun!