How To - SCX10 III Base Camp

Video 1: Overview

Perfect for cost-conscious crawling enthusiasts, the SCX10 III Base Camp 4WD RTR delivers high performance in a lean and classic design that still offers plenty of scale realism. It’s the most bang for your buck available in a 1/10 scale Axial rig! This video shows you everything that comes in the box with the vehicle, including an SLT transmitter, AA transmitter batteries, and product manual. Items you’ll need to purchase separately, such as a 5-9 cell NiMH battery or a 2S or 3S LiPo battery with IC3® or EC3™ connector, are also explained.

Video 2: Safe Practices

As discussed in this video, follow all of the manufacturer’s recommendations when charging your Base Camp’s battery. Remove the battery from the vehicle, monitor it throughout charging, and use a LiPo safe charging bag. When running or maintaining your vehicle, keep its moving parts clear of any obstacles. Some components will get warm or hot during use, so give them time to cool down before handling the model. Always watch your surroundings when driving your Base Camp and stay a safe distance away from other people and pets.

Video 3: Quick Start

Watch this video to familiarize yourself with what’s under the body, which you can remove by simply taking out four body clips. You’ll see how to install AA batteries in the transmitter and how to securely strap the vehicle’s battery in the chassis after it has charged. For safety reasons, always turn your transmitter ON before turning the vehicle ON. Turn the model OFF before turning the transmitter OFF. With the body back on, you’ll see how to check that the steering and throttle are working properly before taking your first run.

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