How a Differential Works

Have you ever wondered what is inside your differential, be it your full-size rig or your R/C for those of us who are RTR'ers? And how exactly does a differential works? We all have a rough idea as told to us by our fathers and uncles, but for a "bust-a-scientifical" classroom breakdown of the concepts, you have to check out this instructional film from the 1930s. Just think if they would have shown us this clear explanation back in school.

Because I'm such the rally nut and we now have differntial basics down, check out this Audi Quattro video in which it’s very difficult to understand exactly how a “torque-vectoring” center differential works despite the pretty graphics.

Audi: The Quattro Principle

Exploded View - Inside the Eaton TrueTrac Differential

4WD is so much better 2WD!
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